Before 25

I have a full list of things I want myself to do before I turn 25.  There are some challenges to myself, and some are the “dream comes true” type of duties.  To motivate and remind myself before I turn 25, I decide to share it with everyone on my blog.  FYI, I am turing 25 on September this year.  I am proud of being 24 years old.  I want to say that I enjoy every single day of my life.  Love every age and every moment.  I am constantly learning in different stage of my life, and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

1. Half Marathon and Marathon (I am 50% done with this one!!!!  HOORAYYYYYY!!!!!!!  I just finished Carlsbad Half Marathon last month, and I was amazed about my endurance.  This was definitely an unforgettable memory in my life.  This year on June, I will do R&R marathon.  It’s a big challenge for me.  Also, it’s a commitment to myself and my physical body.  I start training a few days ago, and feel pretty good about it.  Yoga and running are my weekly routine, and hope it will build up my mental and physical strength.)

2. Do Daily Devotion Everyday (I tried really hard on this one.  There are still a couple months before I turn 25, and I am still trying.  I believe that the growing relationship between God and I never stop, so I don’t want to stop reading God’s word.  Going to fellowship and church give me motivation to read His word and apply in my real life.  Application is an essential part of Christianity, and how to apply in my real life can be challenge for me.  I am weak, and I need His word to remind myself.)

3. YouTube and Blog/Vlog (I always want to share my experience on YouTube, but somehow I just didn’t continue everytime after uploading many videos.  I want to keep this passion continue.  I have a few topics in mind, and I will record it as soon as possible.  Please don’t forget to subscribe my channel and watch my videos.)

4. TRAVEL ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (This is the most challenging thing among all.  Why?  Because I don’t know if I can sleep alone in hotel, I can’t have food in a restaurant by myself, and I don’t know how to read map sadly :(  There are so many obstacles I need to overcome.  Surely, it will be a great challenge for me, but I just need to get out my comfort zone first.)

There are some goals that I didn’t mentioned such as visit different countries.  I have completed the goals.  YEAHHH!!!!

#Haiti Post-Haiti Part 1: Gratitude

I want to thank each one of you to start this post.  Thank you for praying for my very first Haiti medical mission trip.  To show my gratitude, I want to show you some pictures to explain what I did in Haiti.


When you google image of “Haiti,” you can see the living quality and life style there.  Not to mention, after the earthquake, the living condition was even worse.  I really want to encourage everyone who has the heart to serve this country.  Don’t hesitate to share your love to others.  That’s what God wants us to do right?!

p.s. sorry for this really late post!

2014 New Year Resolution

1. Leg exercise for 40 minutes– I haven’t figured out what exactly I need to do, but I have searched some tips on Pinterest. If it works, I will show you the video.
2. No “WANT”– I want to save money, but I had constantly bought something I don’t need such as new cloth. To save money, I need to say bye bye to those “WANT.”
3. One book per month– I am reading Outlier for this month.
4. Eat healthier– I have known for eating healthy in my daily diet, but I think somehow I can be more healthier. Food diary might be a good idea. What do you think?
5. Stream social network once a day– I am very addicted with Instagram recently. To much time has sacraficed for these popular social networks. I need to cut it down to once a day, and that’s it!
6. Run swim yoga– Basically, just work out more!
7. Spiritual Growth– This is in my every new year resolution. I am not sure about how to evaluate spiritual growth, but I will try my best to pray and read bible more. Of course, apply in the real life is part of it.
8. Love– I am selfish, and I admit it.
9. YouTube Video– I want to upload one video every week. I have a few topics in mind, but I need the motivation to record and edit the video.

This is my new year resolution list. Hope I will keep up myself and work it through the end of the year. Consistancy is the key! What’s your new year resolution?